Dear Friends,
     The Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle of the world and continues to impact our lives in ways that were even unimaginable in the past. The positive message is ‘We Shall Overcome‘ by our determination and united effort.
Dear Naipunnyans we have completed a year of restrictions and repercussions due to the pandemic and we are still reeling under its effect. I admire the teachers for their fortitude in ensuring the continuity of education by the way of online teaching and commend the efforts of parents and students who have adapted to this NEW NORMAL.
To become powerful in life ‘BE POSITIVE’. The key to success is RIGHT ATTITUDE which leads to RIGHT THOUGHTS resulting in RIGHT ACTIONS.
Let us all look forward with hope. The situation may change and the classes may be offline or online, but let us join our hands and leave no stone unturned in our march to achieve our motto ‘Together Towards Excellence’.

Boby Joseph