As part of British Council Programme this year our school has geared up for the renewal of ISA accreditation. The International School Award is an immensely popular programmme with schools in twenty - eight countries across the world including U.K. This programme helps the schools to add an international dimension in the curriculum.

The projects help the students :

  • To generate new ideas

  • Stimulate creativity

  • Develop lessons that bring the best of international dimension to every classroom whatever be their context, resources, access to technology and experience.

The children are plunged into a wide spectrum of activities like debate, group discussion, power point presentation, art work, hands on experience, field trips, stage shows, guest lectures, article writing, quiz and other such related activities.

As part of ISA the children are engaging themselves with variegated activities that provide a different experiential learning. It will also help them to bring together different aspects of education such as sensitivity to core issues, awareness, general and in-depth understanding of their topic area, open mindedness, reflection, analysis etc.

ISA Activity- Jewellery Out of Coins...!!!!

FOOD FEST(Grade 4)